Statement on Racism

We, Sisters of Divine Providence, are deeply saddened and outraged at the killing of George Floyd and the many others who died victims of the violence of racism. We pray for them, their families and the many generations of people who have mourned victims of racial violence.

The deadly actions of the last few weeks once again show us clearly the consequences of systemic racism that has been in our society from its foundation. We wish to join our voices to those who peacefully protest against injustice and demand accountability from law enforcement who have accepted the responsibility to protect and serve society and from our political leaders who have a unique obligation to work for a just society. We see that all too often those elected to represent us preside over a nation that suffocates in racial hatred, inequality, and disrespect for human life — especially Black American life.

As a white religious community within the United States, we acknowledge our part in the sin of racism. We are committed to reexamine our attitudes and actions and to furthering the work for the elimination of racism.

All of us are accountable to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, a message of love and respect for all persons. We pray for the wisdom and courage to accept the Gospel challenge to model this love in our interactions with all our sisters and brothers.

—The Provincial Administration and the Peace and Justice Committee of the Sisters of Divine Providence