Associate Community

Associate Mission Statement

Who Are the Associates? 

Associates are women and men of all faiths, ages, cultures, and life situations. 

They seek support to assist them in their desire to grow closer to God and in the practice of the virtues of simplicity, charity, poverty, and abandonment to Providence. 

With the Sisters, Associates are called to be the “face of Providence” through prayer, ministry, relationship, celebration, and works of love, mercy and justice.

Donna Esposito serves as the Director of the Associate Community. When asked about the group, she explains,

“I try to express to those men and women interested in becoming Associates that they’re probably already living those virtues. The Associate Community provides support and enrichment. We have wonderful Associates who care for one another, pray for and with one another, participate in service opportunities with one another. As a community of men and women in small groups throughout the world, we are really of one mind and one heart trying to live those four fundamental virtues of poverty, charity, simplicity, and abandonment to Providence. It goes deeper than sharing friendship. Having a supportive community in living out those virtues or charism, as it’s called, makes all the difference. Over these forty-three years I’ve tried to have an open mind and an open heart. And I’ve been so very enriched being an Associate. Living this way has enabled me to see things differently, and given me many opportunities to grow into a better person.”

For more information about the program, please contact Donna Esposito at (859)-781-0712 ext. 18, or email her at

Associate Newsletter December 2020