El Centro de la Divina Providencia

A 2008 needs assessment of the growing Latino community in the Greater Cincinnati area revealed that the Hispanic immigrants were lacking services in the areas of education, resources and advocacy.  The Sisters of Divine Providence responded to this need by beginning a new ministry.  The purpose of the new ministry is to provide a gathering space for meetings and activities that foster the personal and spiritual growth of the local immigrant community.  El Centro de la Divina Providencia opened its doors on June 19, 2010 and began with literacy and English lessons.  Currently there are approximately 65 regular attendees. 

El Centro is open Monday through Thursday and Saturday.  For information please contact:  Sr. Barbara Patrick at 859-431-3600 or elcentro@zoomtown.com.

El Centro de la Divina Providencia is located at 910 Scott Street, Covington, KY  41011.