Our Charism

The four fundamental virtues that John Martin Moye exhorts us to live are attitudes of Jesus that give dynamism to our life of faith and are essential to our charism.

Simplicity requires that we be direct and true in our relations with God, with others, and ourselves…looking only for the glory of God. (Constitutions of the Congregation of Divine Providence,Book 1, #7)

Poverty leads us into the detachment of Jesus. Content with little, we strive to leave behind the goods of this world to be free for the mission confided to us by the Father. The liberation that poverty brings allows us to hear the call of Providence and to follow it. (Constitutions of the Congregation of Divine Providence,Book 1, #7)

Excerpts on the virtue of Poverty taken from the writings of our founder, Blessed John Martin Moye:

  • Always remember that one of your fundamental virtues is poverty.
  • Love it, therefore, as your inestimable treasure.
  • Practice it in your clothing, in your furniture, in your food, in your bedding—in a word, everything…know how to do without everything, whenever necessity, the needs of the neighbor, and circumstances require it.
  • Remember what Jesus Christ said to Saint Paul: “My grace is enough for you.”

Charity impels us to works of mercy. Moved by the compassion of Christ for the needy and the suffering, we enter their joy, their misery, all that is part of life, and undertake whatever we can to fill needs, to relieve distress, and to announce the beatitude He promised. (Constitutions of the Congregation of Divine Providence, Book 1, #7)

Abandonment To Providence disposes us to live in this world like pilgrims having no fixed abode, in total trusting dependence on the Father for all that we need; to go where we are sent; to adapt to circumstances in the grace of the present moment without worry or overeagerness; and in the face of difficulty to do calmly what depends on us and leave the rest to God. (Constitutions of the Congregation of Divine Providence, Book 1, #7)

Blessed John Martin Moye says the following on the virtue of Abandonment To Providence:

  • Abandonment to Providence is the virtue that earns you your name. To practice it, remain without preference and without attachment, casting all your cares on the bosom of God. Providence never forsakes those who confidently abandon themselves to it.