On the Road to Sainthood

These candidates all are in the early stages of the journey to sainthood, which in the Roman Catholic Church is a four-stage process:

  • The first level, in which a diocesan tribunal affirms that they lived lives of “heroic virtue.”
  • The second level, veneration, meaning they have been proclaimed heroic in virtue by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints with the approval of the pope.
  • The next level, beatification, generally requires documentation of one miracle (except in the case of a martyr). 
  • Canonization, the fourth level, requires two miracles.

The process can take decades or even centuries.

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Biography of the Artist, James Effler

Jim is a professional illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally known for airbrush illustration, he eventually replaced this challenging tool with digital methods. He also started working more in oils, a medium he used occasionally since attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Now he combines digital with painting and traditional methods. He is well known for his beer posters and labels and was commissioned to paint the “Beer Barons” mural at the new Moerlein Lager House on Cincinnati’s riverfront. Jim also enjoys painting portraits and landscapes. His style is realistic with a touch of impressionism. Some of his favorite artists are N.C. Wyeth, Frank Duveneck, and Edward Hopper.

Jim is a member of the Cincinnati Art Club and was on its board from 2006 to 2009. He was the chair for the Cincinnati Art Club’s ViewPoint exhibit, a national, juried competition. He is also a member of the Portrait Society of America. Jim has won many awards for his artwork. He has taught illustration at the College of Mount St. Joseph, the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Miami University, and AIC College of Design.

Special recognition:

Sr. Alice Gerdeman, who researched and compiled the documentation for these biographies.

Sharon Kindell, who edited these biographies.