Evening Under the Oaks

On May 19, 2018, we celebrated another successful Evening Under the Oaks.
Many supporters braved the fickle weather to gather at St. Anne’s for a night of great food (catered by Montgomery Inn) and the excitement of our country store, jewelry raffle, and thrilling live auctions. This year saw some new additions to our full slate of fun activities, including a mason jar raffle, along with our silent auctions, split-the-pot, and Chinese raffles.

We were also treated to the auctioneering stylings of Sister Emerita, who followed an inspiring video about our some of the congregation’s needs with a rousing dose of patter that charmed enough donations from our attendees to get our sound abatement and computer needs a head start at funding.

A preliminary tally suggests that this year was even more successful than last, thanks to the tireless efforts of many sisters, staff, and volunteers. We are blessed to have so many friends to support us in all our ministries.



                                                                                                 Click here to view a link to all the photos of the evening.



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